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The [insert political party name] Media Agenda

A friend of mine posted a link to this video with the caption “If 0 dollars in tips is great then they are right.” I read the transcript and I sort of went on a tangent that I found amusing … Continue reading

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Stock Trading Order Types

BUY ORDERS **Market order** – Market orders execute at the following market price. Market buy orders are adjusted to limit orders collared up to 5%. Limit orders higher than the current offering will be executed at the next best available … Continue reading

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Dabbling with Stocks

Magic the Gathering Arena Closed Beta was released about 9 months ago & I haven’t played paper magic aside from the occasional pack wars since. When I started collecting MTG again, it was Return to Ravnica, late 2012. I bought … Continue reading

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Ok so hear me out… If baseball is America’s first past time, shouldn’t it be time for us to bring it to present day standards. The term was coined by John Thorn, the author of “Total Baseball,” in the 1850s. … Continue reading

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The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.

I’ve been with the same company for two years. Nothing really special. My longest stay at a job was about 8 years. But this job is a little different. I started off as entry level. Got my foot in the … Continue reading

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What hurt the most

Do you know what hurt the most? On my 31st birthday, I stayed at the home we bought together and nursed you back to health. You were sick with something he gave you. I gave up my birthday to make … Continue reading

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Another Sad Lonely Night

  i miss her.

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Facebook Friends are not real friends

Over the last few days I’ve been coming across a strange phenomenon. Friends. Particularly, Facebook friends. I recently got asked to go to a person’s birthday party. He’s about the same age as me and we know each other from … Continue reading

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“When in doubt, go for the dick joke.” -Robin Williams

The loss of Robin Williams impacts some more than others. For me it hit home in some ways but it was a gradual effect. Having to have dealt with depression in my life I know the struggles Mr. Williams may … Continue reading

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Win Keys

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