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Magic the Gathering Arena Closed Beta was released about 9 months ago & I haven’t played paper magic aside from the occasional pack wars since. When I started collecting MTG again, it was Return to Ravnica, late 2012. I bought so many cards and I put them into a binder. The binder is a large 3″ D ring binder and it’s heavy. I continued this trend for 5 years. I have about 10 2-3″ D ring binders and boxes and boxes of other cards. I have a lot of cards. And I have nothing to do with them. But in 2017 MTG Arena came out. None of my friends were playing MTG anymore, no matter how hard I tried to get them to come out. So MTG Arena became my magic fix. Being able to find anyone to play with, being able to play standard (probably my favorite format) and a way to collect more cards.

One of the nice things about MTGA is it’s whole lot cheaper than paper magic. I’ve put in maybe $300 into MTGA and I have 2 top tier decks I bounce back and forth with when playing. And the game does a pretty good job with matching you up with other fringe decks so if you build something that is meta you’ll at least not have to play a tier 1 deck but something janky like yours.

Magic is a hobby and with most hobbies it involves spending money. Some hobbies are cheaper and more expensive than other hobbies but usually a hobby will also cost some money. In paper magic, I would spend probably about $300-$500 each time a new set would come out which was about 3 times a year. With MTGA, maybe $300 since it was released a beta a year ago.

Over the year I’ve taken a good hard look at where a lot of my income goes and I realized my hobbies were a good chunk of the pie. Granted, MTG isn’t my only hobby but at it’s peak it was an expensive hobby.

One thing I hope that I get from the cards I collected over the years is that some day down the road they will give me some money back. It’s highly unlikely it will be a profit, but at least I can sell it to make some money back.

Which got me into thinking about investing. When I started a 401k through my employer, it was the first time any money I earned was going into investment somehow. This was the first time it wasn’t a tax, insurance, it wasn’t a savings account. This was something different. So I explored further what it was and I discovered something called a portolio. And then I discovered a website where I could put money into it and it would go into this portfolio and you will be buying a small percent of shares from a company. And I got a good understanding of long term investing.

By the way… how bullshit is it that I had to learn this stuff on my own. Why isn’t this something I would have learned in school? This seems like it’s something I should have a basic understanding on and what things mean and how not to get fucked over as you get older. But… I digress…

So then you see movie like The Wolf on Wall Street and you hear about something called a penny stock and then yadda yadda yadda, Leonardo Di Caprio is banging Margot Robbie. And he did this because he had money. In my opinion.

So, I’m not sure how I found it to be honest but I think I was looking for other places to put extra money I had. I first found Stash and liked it but was looking for more. So after I signed up for Stash, I found Betterment. And then another and then finally Robinhood. I put some money in and read some websites and groups and picked a stock other’s were suggesting. Let’s just say, I haven’t made a profit yet. But that’s the nice thing about penny stocks is that it lets you get your feet wet.

Penny stock is pretty much anything under $5. There are companies that have shares they are selling for less that a dime. So you find a hot tip and in this app you search for stock, tell it how many shares you want. Ten. It tells you at it’s current price it’s going to cost you $1. What’s a dollar?! If I lose it oh well. If I it goes up to $0.15 a share, I’ve now made $0.50. If it goes up to $0.20 a share, I’ve now doubled my dollar. So you do that… awesome I’m up a dollar at the end of the day. So let’s let it ride right? Start buying a little more shares, more expensive shares. Finally you get 1 share for $12. The next day the share tanks to $6. So now when you were like, ‘eh I lost a $1 to man I lost $6. And then days go by and that $6 a share still lingers. And you’re like… I want to get out of this stagnant stock but at the same time, I want my $12 back. I guess that’s the risk. I’m holding it still. Some random guy on the internet said keep it so that’s what I’m working with.

So anyhow, that’s this boring story. The point of this post is just so I can make a category for this hobby so I can have a place to keep notes and talk about what I’ve learn. Perhaps make a blog.




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