Ok so hear me out… If baseball is America’s first past time, shouldn’t it be time for us to bring it to present day standards. The term was coined by John Thorn, the author of “Total Baseball,” in the 1850s. That’s around 160 years ago. In the 1850 Charles Darwin published The Origin of Species, the first Neanderthal fossils & Solar Flares are discovered and Taylor, Fillmore, Pierce & Buchanan were the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th presidents of United States, respectively.

Now the game itself is fine. It’s a spectator sport, like golf or car racing.  Most of the time, it’s amazing athletes and professionals doing what they are paid a whole lot of money for to do what they are good at so well, nothing is happening. It’s when you hear that crack of the bat, snap, something is about to happen. Most of the time still, nothing, foul ball. But every now and then, the ball goes flying, and sometimes someone misses the catch, or it goes over the wall and your team is doing better. The game itself is fine, what I think needs to be brought up to date are the umpires.

What we want is a fair game. How bogus is it when a official of any game makes a terrible call? Baseball player calls a player out when he’s safe. A football referee calls interference when there was none. But in baseball, a sport that’s so old that players can be nanoseconds apart from someone calling safe or out. And not to mention calling a strike when the ball was clearly outside the strike zone. Our TV’s can show us the strike zone, how fast the ball was going, what kind of pitch it was, where it lands on the plane of the strike zone, etc. etc.

So here’s my thought, keep the Umpire but make them the instant reply. Let the computers and cameras take care of the officiating. Now the Umpires can still stick around. Perhaps we allow the teams two challenges and an umpire has to make the final call. Or the umpire would still need to be around to call it out. Strike! Ball! Foul ball!  But I suppose that’s what the stadium announcer is for.

It’s probably not a popular opinion. And I think older and newer generations would want to keep the tradition of baseball the way it is. But personally, I think it would be for the better.


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